The Unfolding of Language

When Stephen Fry laments “it is a cause of some upset that more Anglophiles don’t enjoy language,” it’s as if Michael Phelps were to lament that not enough people enjoy water. So when Stephen wholeheartedly recommended Guy Deutscher’s The Unfolding of Language, which he characterized as more playful and engaging than books on similar subject… Continue reading The Unfolding of Language

Productivity Tip: Re-map Caps Lock to the Application Key

My Dell Studio 17 does not have an “Application Key” – the key that usually sits beside the Windows key and behaves like right-clicking the mouse on a UI element.  I have no idea why Dell chose to omit one of the most useful keys on the keyboard, especially for laptop users, who pay a… Continue reading Productivity Tip: Re-map Caps Lock to the Application Key

TechDays 2008: Silverlight Samurai Skills

Thanks to everyone who came out to my Silverlight Samurai Skills presentations this morning in Toronto, and to Microsoft Canada for inviting me to present at this event. When the Canadian team does events, they do them really big – and really well! I hope you found the sessions useful and engaging.  They certainly provided… Continue reading TechDays 2008: Silverlight Samurai Skills

Goodnight, Mars Phoenix

This is relevant to my blog because (a) it moved me, and (b) it’s about passionate people engaging other earthlings about incredible technology. The Mars Phoenix has been “twittering” for months.  Or more correctly, its team has been twittering in the “voice” of the Phoenix for months.  So I’ve followed the lander as it updates… Continue reading Goodnight, Mars Phoenix