I maded you a FractLOL…

… and then I Silverlit it! It’s alternately a LOLQuilt, a ROFLMosaic, or a Deep LOL Here is the full screen version. Click, drag, shift-click and use the mouse wheel to see that the image is made of over 10,000 LOLCats (there are 2,442 unique images here). How this came to be? The kittehs are… Continue reading I maded you a FractLOL…

WPF Commanding – When do Commands re-evaluate their CanExecute method?

I had been merrily using WPF’s built-in support for the Command Pattern for ages (see Commanding Overview, MSDN Docs, and article on implementing the command pattern in WPF, Jeff Druyt)… when suddenly it occured to me that I had no idea what triggered WPF to determine whether or not a command can be executed. Let… Continue reading WPF Commanding – When do Commands re-evaluate their CanExecute method?

National Productivity Centre Launch

You’d be forgiven for being surprised to find out that I haven’t yet begun my travels, and haven’t even dipped my toe in the water for more scuba. Instead, I’ve been working as an independent consultant for the past few weeks, helping to complete the development of the first application for Ireland’s National Productivity Centre,… Continue reading National Productivity Centre Launch

Greasepole Achievement List

Congratulations to Sci ’11 for their one-hour, 47-minute conquering of this year’s greasepole! Can we all just take a moment to reflect on the academic year called “Sci ’11”?  Man, I feel old. Just for giggles, here’s the current list of achievements for Legend of the Greasepole.  I wonder how the crowd around this year’s… Continue reading Greasepole Achievement List