Here are some quick links to some of the projects I’ve posted online that you might find useful.

Star Trek and Chill – Microsoft HoloLens plus the Galvanic Pip Biometric Sensor bring yet another Star Trek concept from SciFi to reality.

NLarge – screen magnification and annotation utility for technical presentations.

MP3Sharp – decode MP3 files in managed .NET code.

Image Quilter – Image Quilting, Wang Tiling, and Texture Transfer in .NET.

VideoCaptureNET – access video capture devices (such as web cameras) in .NET. (written in the pre-WPF era.)

Little Syncr – synchronize photo metadata from Flickr to Windows XP. Particularly useful for those using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 to label their photos.

And for fun:

FractLOL – An image quilt made out of LOLCats, presented with Silverlight and Deep Zoom.