tl;dr: Rob is a Client Partner and Senior Director at EPAM, where his days consist of some improbable combination (in no particular order) of digital product development, data & emerging technologies, cycling, public transit, photography, and fixing his sons’ robots with crazy glue

… in other words, I am proud to be part of a global team of our key Canadian clients.

This site contains information about some past projects, and links to some of my contributions scattered across the internet. It is increasingly out of date. I appreciate your understanding about that. Contact me through LinkedIn, or by sending me e-mail at rob at robburke dot net

A tiny bit of pre-EPAM history:

I became one with the digital solutions world at Infusion, a technology innovation leader that’s now part of Avanade. The focus was digital and emerging technology for FinServ, Professional Services and Resources industries.

Before that, I was a Microsoft technical evangelist (remember when that was a thing?!), based in Dublin, Ireland.

In grad school I studied artificial intelligence at MIT in the Synthetic Characters group at the Media Lab, working toward brain architectures for virtual characters. After graduating, I designed and built biometric interfaces (EEG, ECG and other) in the MindGames group at MIT Media Lab Europe.

This is my “holo-selfie”, taken with a Gen-1 HoloLens a few years ago during Star Trek and Chill. The HoloLens really takes the years off, no?

My HoloSelfie