The Unfolding of Language

When Stephen Fry laments “it is a cause of some upset that more Anglophiles don’t enjoy language,” it’s as if Michael Phelps were to lament that not enough people enjoy water. So when Stephen wholeheartedly recommended Guy Deutscher’s The Unfolding of Language, which he characterized as more playful and engaging than books on similar subject… Continue reading The Unfolding of Language

IIA and Enterprise Ireland Net Visionaries Awards

I have long suspected that the Irish are mad, and now I have proof. At some point during the National Productivity Centre crunch time, I received a mail from Irene Dehaene, informing me that I’d been nominated for the Best Blogger award at the IIA and Enterprise Ireland Net Visionary awards next month.  I was… Continue reading IIA and Enterprise Ireland Net Visionaries Awards

National Productivity Centre Launch

You’d be forgiven for being surprised to find out that I haven’t yet begun my travels, and haven’t even dipped my toe in the water for more scuba. Instead, I’ve been working as an independent consultant for the past few weeks, helping to complete the development of the first application for Ireland’s National Productivity Centre,… Continue reading National Productivity Centre Launch

Moving my European XBox 360 to North America

I’m writing this post in case anyone else out there wants to know what will happen to a European XBox 360 (in my case, from Ireland) if it’s moved to North America (in my case, Canada).  [update] The story started out not particularly great, but now, a few updates later, it is significantly better.  By… Continue reading Moving my European XBox 360 to North America