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My future classmates were crushing me into the base of a human pyramid when Sci '99 became a Year.  As it was taking place, I couldn't possibly imagine what would lie ahead after Frosh Week.  But what I could fathom was how no one had yet succeeded in capturing the pride, the bonding, the energy, the experience that is a modern Greasepole.  So when a group of Sci '99s (and a couple of (cool) ArtScis) encouraged me to bring The Pole Game to life, I should have known what I was getting in to.

Two Greasepoles, 10,000 lines of code and 500 megabytes later, and with the assistance of an exceptional Artistic Director and over 50 enthusiastic friends, The Legend of the Greasepole is finally ready for the big screen at Clark Hall Pub.  Just like at the real pit, the game's Frosh only succeed when they learn to work as a team, taking advice from upper year students like Al "Pop Boy" Burchell.  And just like real life, the game tells the story of the Frosh's inevitable victory over the Pole.

The LegendWeb is here to flesh out the Greasepole experience.   Within lies some explanation of why Queen's Engineers consider themselves among the most spirited people in the world.  Our academic programs are first-rate, our extra-curricular involvement is beyond reproach, and we share a legendary history.   Take a peek at The Pole Game Pages, which include some pit-side cooks for you, as well as troubleshooting information.  Craig and I have also included some fun sonic and visual out-takes and in the Sounds & Sights Gallery, as well as a "making of" section.  There are all sorts of hidden gems in there, like over 30 minutes of Queen's student music!

Whether you're a seasoned Queen's Engineer, among our alumni, or a prospective student, we guarantee you'll discover something inspiring within these pages.   After all, a thousand purple people slamming their jackets can't be wrong!

Best wishes,

Robert Burke
Legend of the Greasepole Producer

Kingston, Ontario
July 1, 1998

Edited July 2004.

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