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We amassed so much propaganda, internal documentation and -- well, stuff -- during the game's development that we thought we'd give you a peek into our crazy development world.

Craig's peek at The Early Years shows how the overall vision and concept of a game based on the Greasepole developed.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how we ever survived.

Frosh Evolution gives you a look at how Elizabeth Burke and Kitty Lee brought the Frosh characters to life.

In IntelliFrosh, Rob shows how artificial intelligence let us integrate intelligence and frosh.

At the Art Development desk, Craig looks at some of the technical aspects of what our artists did to establish the look and feel of the game.  Craig also gives you an idea of what went into designing the 3D "Forge" that swings out and crafts your iron ring.

From flat-out propaganda to CD Covers and Golden Words Articles, Advertising is a retrospective glimpse at how we told you about the game.


Most of the Internal Documentation seems a little out of place included here, but this will give you a sample of the sort of stuff we worked with:

  • Let's start with the fun stuff.  Voice Talent Detailed Descriptions was passed around at Clark before our Halloween recording session.
  • Kitty needed some Graphics Specifications early in the project.  Notice we were still using the old "seethrough" colour, a powder blue.
  • I passed off these DirectX Specifications to Pat Bouffard when he was working on a second revision of our DirectX wrappers.  The sound effects caused us the most trouble.  There are so many big sounds and they can't all be loaded into memory at once.  Dynamically loading them is quite a juggling act.
  • The Pole Game WhitePaper was our first document released to the outside world via the Web Site.  Much of the information in there is completely erroneous now, but it gives a good sense at the game's roots.

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