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From the Animator's Desk

The Frosh characters in The Legend Of The Greasepole took two months to sketch and animate on paper. The "Frosh" were based on the "typical" engineering student entering Queens University, complete with tam, plaid pants and socks hanging out of the tam to finish the look.

The Frosh were animated first on paper by using a number of sequences of different actions. If the action was "dancing" then the sequence would be 5 drawings of the Frosh first in his starting position with hands at the froshes sides, then one hand raising diagonally up, pointing his finger, then diagonally back down again to the Frosh's original position of hands at his (or her) side.

There were more than fifty different poses, ranging from hanging off of the tam at the top of the Greasepole to drinking a mug of beer that floats by in the water (if you can call it water).  Once scanned into the computer the Frosh could be manipulated to be different colours etc.

This was a great project to work on (even if only at the begining) and it's amazing to see the Frosh running around in the game!

Elizabeth's Signature.gif (3087 bytes)

What Next?

After Elizabeth finished the sketchwork, the images were scanned into the computer and touched up by Kitty Lee, Sci '99.  Take a look at how...

The Frosh Evolve Before Your Eyes!

FroshSplash1.jpg (33373 bytes)

Evolution of the Splashing Frosh: Elizabeth's sketch, and Kitty's on-screen touchup.

FroshSplash2.jpg (11592 bytes)
FroshPants3.jpg (11962 bytes) FroshPants1.jpg (16990 bytes) FroshPants2.jpg (12221 bytes)

We had the worst time deciding on a colour scheme for the frosh pants.   The bright stuff was cool, but was hideous in large quantities on screen.

We really wanted ethnically diverse frosh to accurately portray the Queen's community. It's done in the game with the magic of DirectX using a two-step drawing process. Elizabeth also did a fabulous job making them look "unisex."

Ethnic Frosh.gif (4382 bytes)

FroshFalling1.jpg (74621 bytes)

This was the only shot we tried colouring in outside of the computer.   Scanned colours just weren't rich enough for the game.

The falling guys are  just fabulous.   Here's how they started life... 

FroshFalling2.jpg (66052 bytes)

FroshFalling3.jpg (16679 bytes)

...and here's how that one ended up.  Again, we saved the pants for last.

The final "transparency" colour ended up being a (hideous) bright green.  We were picking up some of the bluey-purple in the crowd with the powder blue.  And there's the trademark muddy-plaid pants you see in the game.  I actually have a pair like that.
(This is Rob writing -- Craig has much better fashion sense)

FroshFalling4.jpg (16358 bytes)

Some Extra Stuff

Below is one of the sheets that Elizabeth originally received with requests for animation frames.  If nothing else, it gives a pretty clear impression of how she took some things bouncing around in Rob's head and ran with them.

Things We Needed For Each Behaviour.gif (123767 bytes)

Below is a sheet full of "hotspots" and graphic dimensions that helped import graphic images into the game.  These are actually for Al "Pop Boy" Burchell, but a similar set was made up for the Frosh character.

Graphics Hotspots.gif (186257 bytes)

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