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Propaganda, CD Covers and GW Articles!

Math and Engineering Reunion

97Summer Ad.jpg (273302 bytes)

This first advertisement came out just in time for the Math and Engineering reunion.  The Alumni got a chance to see an early Alpha copy of the game, and Donald Bloor, Sci '78, provided us with the game's first financial contribution.  Maybe he know exactly what a fabulous morale booster that would be.   Maybe he's just the coolest guy. 

You know all that stuff they say about Queen's Alumni being the best in the world?  Yup.  It's true.

Beta 1 CD Cover


Beta1 CD Cover.jpg (94299 bytes)

This CD was sent to the Applied Science office, as well as Career Services, Alumni Advancement, and just about any other place on campus we thought might be interested.   (Beta 1 was afflicted by what would come to be known as the Harris Bug.   We demoed the game for Dr McCowan and Dr Mason and it worked like a charm.  So we went in to Dean Harris's office and on his computer it ran at about two frames per second.  Oops.  When we discovered that the bug afflicted a number of computers, it ended up being known as the Harris Bug until we hunted it down and squashed it several months later.)

Alumni Centennial Advertising Blitz

Alumni Ad.jpg (150661 bytes)

As Kirsten Sorensen's Alumni Centennial group geared up for the EngSoc Centennial, The Legend of the Greasepole team offered Alumni and Corporations another incentive to contribute -- space on the Legend of the Greasepole CD.  This, our first full-colour ad, ended up shaping the look of the game.  By this point, TetherFrosh (the shadowed guy) had become a permanent fixture in our artwork.

Golden Words Advertising

GW Ad 1.gif (268391 bytes)

ZoŽ Carlin rocks.  She realized how cool it would be for her to have Golden Words imagery all over The Pole Game, and how cool it would be for us to have advertising space for the game in GW.  Look for the GW balloon during the game.  It's about to unload some animalistic cargo.


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