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The designer of the Quest for Glory computer games, Lori Cole, once described sound as "an element of gameplay that is often overlooked by the player.  If it is good, it is often taken for granted.  If it is bad, the player turns it off."  Yet without it, "the mood and emotion of a game is lost."

We wanted players of The Pole Game to take the sounds of the greasepit for granted.

Crowd Noise: TASCAM Audio Recordings

We recorded the first sound effects for the game during Frosh Week '96.   While moonlighting as a Psychotage Frec, I ran around with a TASCAM audio recorder.  The end result was several hours of stock audio for the game.  Every bit of crowd noise and every cheer was recorded on site at Thundermugs, the Highland Games, and the real Greasepole '96.  It's a miracle the portable recorder survived the experience.  And another miracle the folks at the rental place didn't ask about the purple.  I've included some additional Crowd Noise on the CD.

Out-Takes: CFRC Recording Session

On Halloween, 1997, Tuan Vu Bui (Sci '99) arranged for us to use the digital equipment at Queen's CFRC Radio studios to record additional voiceovers for the game.  The recording session was a blast (the document attached to that link shows the original handout we passed around at Ritual), and the stuff we got out of the session exceeded all of our expectations.  We put together a Demo Track that played on the web site for the rest of the year, and amassed a number of Out Takes we thought would be fun to include here.  Unfortunately, many of the good ones had been lost, but we're sure you'll enjoy these.

A Bonus: The Music of Sci '99

We couldn't help but test the limits of the TASCAM by recording the Music of Sci '99.  Craig Calvert, Edgar Yajure, Kim Spencer, Blake LaChance and The Queen's Bands provided us with song.  There's also something in there from the Grant Hall welcome!

To everyone who contributed to the Legend of the Greasepole's soundtrack: Thank you for the music.  You guys rock.

Robert Burke


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