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Gallery: Music and Sound Effects: Crowd Noise

Greasepole Crowd Noise

Pit Cheering 1.mp3
Pit Cheering 2.mp3
Great crowd noise.  The crowd in the game was sampled and re-mixed from these longer clips.

Big Purple Geeks.mp3
Just Stand Around.mp3
Let Them In.mp3
Familiar pitside cheers.

Cheat To Win.mp3
Toss the 114 Exam at the crowd and see what they have to say.

Sci 00 Gets their Tam.mp3
Mike Conrad (Sci '99) tore the tam down, and here's what ensued.

These guys just wouldn't shut up!  I had so much footage of this Frosh group that I had to include them in the game.  When the Frosh are nearing the tam, listen for these guys to pipe up.

Sci '99 Frecs Grant Hall Welcome.mp3
Sci '00 is welcomed to Queen's Applied Science.

um, and there's some more.


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