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It was once said, "A civilization is defined by its art," and if it wasn't, it should have been.  Any true renaissance person possesses both a thorough knowledge of the sciences, and the arts.  In our case, well... we just like to muck around a bit until it looks okay.

Throughout the media blitz of assembling the Legend of The Greasepole, we've amassed quite a few photos and soundbytes.  We thought this a good place to give you a more tangible look into the lives of Queen's Engineers, and a chance to experience more of the sights and sounds of frosh week. 

Also be sure to check out this great set of historical Greasepole pictures in the "Legends and Traditions" section of the CD for a "blast from the past" look at our beloved shaft and those who lubed it up.


Craig Calvert
Legend of the Greasepole Artistic Director

There are three sections in the Gallery:

  • Sound! contains sound effects, out-takes and the home-brewed music of Queen's Engineering.
  • Photography contains digital photos from that wacky, memorable week - and a collection of Engineering Year Crests.
  • Sci Crests contains scanned images of many of the engineering year crests.

... oh, and also check out:

  • Beta and Development (actually linked from the main page of this web site), which contains visual art, artificial intelligence and discussions of many aspects of the Pole Game development process.

^ Up Sound! Photography Sci Crests

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