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Gallery: Music and Sound Effects: Pole Game Out Takes

Pop Boy! Pop Boy!.mp3
Al "Pop Boy" Burchell walks into CFRC.

Erica on Goats.mp3
Some more SciCon advice.

Gumbies at the pit.mp3
Rob Burke, Craig Calvert and Derek Crawford invoke some Monty Python.

Mike Conrad after getting the Tam.mp3
Sci '00 rocks, baby!

At the EngSoc meeting, the Frosh are offered Golden Bath Robes instead of GPA.

We Love Chief FREC.mp3
We've Got Chief FREC.mp3
Marie-Claire Gagne (Sci '99) is first praised, then revealed to be Chief FREC!

We're Happy Happy Frosh.mp3
We're Dirty Dirty Frosh.mp3
How cute are they, Frosh?

The ArtSci Encounter 1.mp3
The ArtSci Encounter 2.mp3
The ArtSci Encounter 3.mp3
The ArtSci Encounter 4.mp3
The ArtSci Encounter 5.mp3
The ArtSci Encounter 6.mp3

Robert walks up to a group of ArtScis and asks them to make some noise for him.

Al 'Pop Boy' Burchell 1.mp3
Al 'Pop Boy' Burchell 2.mp3
Al 'Pop Boy' Burchell 3.mp3
Al 'Pop Boy' Burchell 4.mp3
Al 'Pop Boy' Burchell 5.mp3
These were from a recording session with Al we did with a cheap microphone.   Unfortunately the quality generally wasn't good enough for the game, but it was great stuff.

Rob welcomes you.mp3
Craig hocks up a lung.mp3
Greetings from da boyz.  Lovely.

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