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Through the stands at Greasepole '97The Legend of the Greasepole

The Legend of the Greasepole Team consists of the diverse group of Queen's students who brought this massive technical project to life.  


Producer Robert Burke (Sci '99)
Rob's Home Page
Artistic Director Craig Calvert (Vancouver Film School '00, former Sci '99)
Craig's Home Page
Frosh Character Design (paper) Elizabeth Burke (Sheridan College)
Frosh Character Design (digital) Kitty Lee (Sci '99)
Lead Developer Robert Burke (Sci '99)
DirectX Engine Developer Pat Bouffard (Sci '99)
CFRC Studio Manager Tuan Vu Bui (Sci '99)
Legends & Tradition Documentation McKay Savage (Sci '99)
LegendWeb Editor-in-Chief Robert Burke (Sci '99)
Legends Editing and Resources Naomi Brunemeyer (Arts '99)
Greg McKellar (Info. Officer, AMS)
Nancy Reid (Sci '98)
Queen's Archivists
Documentation Amy Langstaff (A Little More Multidimensional Than Just the L of O)
Kirsten Sorenson (Sci '00)
Gen Okita (Sci '99)
Philippe Lavoie (Sci '99)
EngSoc Web Liaison Jamie ffolliott   (Sci '99)
Golden Words Advertising Contact ZoŽ Carlin (Sci '00)
Clark Hall in the Sky (with diamonds) John P. Joseph (Sci '97)
Geoff Randall (Sci '98)
Assistant Programmers Scott Webster (Sci '01)
Mike Lawler (Sci '99)
Legal Wizard Mary Wojtyk (Sci '00)
Media Consultant & Beta Testing Sean Snider (Arts '01)
Windows NT Consultant Jamie ffolliott (Sci '99)
Beta Tester Sandy Snider (Arts '99)
Beta 2 CD-R Assistance Jamie Brown (Dept. of Psychology)


Supportive Upper-Year Alan "Pop Boy" Burchell (Sci '99)
The EngSoc President George Dyke (Sci '98)
ArtScis Adrienne LeVasseur (Arts '00)
John Masterson (Arts '00)
Commies Greg Coughlin (Comm '00)
Karen Spelliscy (Comm '00)
SciCons Brian Shickluna (Sci '99)
Marie-Claire Gagne (Sci '99)
First-Aid Linda Valenta (Arts '99)
Player's Jacket Matt Smith (Sci '99)
Player's Hand Alan "Pop Boy" Burchell (Sci '99)
Cheering Frecs Kirsten Sorensen (Sci '00)
Jean-Francois Ruta (Sci '00)
Aaron Styles (Sci '00)
Neil Bunn (Sci '00)
Sharelene Plewman (Sci '00)
Scott White (Sci '00)
Ross Pearson (Sci '00)
Colette Heald (Sci '00)
Robin Fauquier (Sci '00)
Wells Baker (Sci '00)
Matt Dawson (Sci '00)
Mike Dragery (Sci '00)
Andrew Loschmann (Sci '00)
Mark Scott (Sci '00)
Christine "Smoker" Woodhouse (Sci '00)
Jen Johnson (Sci '00)
Colin Campbell (Sci '00)
Todd Carmichael (Sci '00)
Rich Hayward (Sci '00)

...and a cast of thousands (including the Action Frecs of Sci '00.)


Supportive Upper-Year Alan "Pop Boy" Burchell (Sci '99)
The EngSoc President George Dyke (Sci '98)
Computer Stephanie Melnyk (Sci '99)
The Frosh Derek Crawford (Sci '99)
Kitty Lee (Sci '99)
Apple-Carrying Crowd Members Brian Menzel (Sci '99)
Mary Wojtyk (Sci '00)
Rebecca Simpson (Arts '99)
Pizza Delivery Guy Blake LaChance (Sci '99)
Keg-Carrying Crowd Member Brian Menzel (Sci '99)
Keener with 114 Exam Jason Silzer (Sci '99)
Person with Firehose Duane Parliament (Sci '99)
ArtScis Jen Johnson (Sci '00)
John Masterson (Arts '00)
Commies Brendan Carroll (Sci '99)
Tara Ashworth (Sci '99)
Kristi Giba (Sci '00)
SciCons Brian Shikluna (Sci '99)
Erica Lee (Sci '00)
Cheering Frecs McKay Savage (Sci '99)
Jenzy Thomas (Sci '99)
Phillipe Lavoie (Sci '99)
Kirsten Sorenson (Sci '00)
Zoe Carlin (Sci '00)
Anyone we missed Please click here and let me know

Peter Burke, Nikon Canada
for the Nikon CoolPix 300 Camera used during production,
and tremendous support.
Donald Bloor, Sci '78
for The Legend of the Greasepole's first financial contribution.
CFRC Studios, Queen's University
for use of their equipment and studio time.
The gang on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada Day, 1996
who helped us realize this was all possible.
Marg Kueper
for support, guidance and being an all-around awesome person.
Prof. David Alex Lamb
who cared, and helped keep us on track.
George Dyke
...he's the jam!
To anyone in the above cast who doesn't appear in the game
You were all awesome, and we used as much footage as we could.

Legal Footnote

From Day 1, The Legend of the Greasepole team has been committed to a purely legal production.  We have purchased every piece of software used in the development of The Pole Game and The LegendWeb and encourage others to do the same. 

We have received written and/or verbal permission from each of the above cast members for the use of their likenesses within the Pole Game.  The characters being portrayed in the game are fictional, and while the Pole Climb is a real event, none of the events portrayed within The Pole Game actually occurred.  The Male ArtSci, Female ArtSci, Male Commie and Female Commie characters were not filmed at the Greasepole and the effect of them falling into the pit was simulated.

The Legend of the Greasepole designers are indebted to the many authors and contributors to the Queen's Engineering Society Web, found at  The Legend of the Greasepole team made every effort to contact the current webmasters and confirm that it was acceptable to use their material on the CD.

Additional legal information is found in the LegendWeb section of the Legend of the Greasepole CD.  "The Legend of The Greasepole" and the "TetherFrosh" logo (the image seen in the left margin of this web page) are trademarks of WonderWare and may not be used without permission.

No Frosh were harmed in the production of this game.

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