Getting Narc’d with the Sharks

The Blue Hole was, without a doubt, my single most memorable scuba dive to date. Thankfully, one of our fellow divers, Australian Rohan Ashton (facebook / email: rohanashton(at) was shooting photo and video footage during the dive.  I am very grateful for his permission to post some of his footage here, because otherwise, I wouldn’t… Continue reading Getting Narc’d with the Sharks

I’m in ur cabana, borrowing ur internets

This is my beach-front cabana on Caye Caulker in Belize.  I sent the photo to Flickr using my wireless connection here – because the really cool guy who runs the cabanas at Ignacio’s offers wireless for free.  So don’t believe anyone who tells you Belize doesn’t have the internets.  Or gorgeous beachfront cabanas that go… Continue reading I’m in ur cabana, borrowing ur internets

Making videos is a different kettle of …

…fish!  (And eagle rays!  And giant moray eels!) For the second half of my diving in Dahab and Ras Mohammed, I shot video footage instead of photos.  Here’s a 2-minute highlight reel, in YouTube format: The shots were taken on dives in Egypt, at Dahab and Ras Mohammed (between Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef).  They… Continue reading Making videos is a different kettle of …

Redundancy and Routine

Safe Scuba Diving is about redundancy and routine.  On the redundancy front, not only do you learn backups and workarounds for the unlikely event of an equipment failure, but you also dive with a buddy, making some of your equipment quadrupally redundant. On the routine front, the gear is assembled “just so.”  A “buddy check”… Continue reading Redundancy and Routine