IIA and Enterprise Ireland Net Visionaries Awards

IIA Net Visionary AwardsI have long suspected that the Irish are mad, and now I have proof.

At some point during the National Productivity Centre crunch time, I received a mail from Irene Dehaene, informing me that I’d been nominated for the Best Blogger award at the IIA and Enterprise Ireland Net Visionary awards next month. 

I was overwhelmed, and remain extremely grateful to the person or people who nominated me.  It is tremendously gratifying to know that while I was living in Dublin, stumbling to keep with a finger on the tech scene pulse and keep developers informed and enthused about what was coming down the pipe, someone was listening and appreciating what I had to say.  It’s an honour to be recognized for that.

But I’m not the best blogger in Ireland.  I have incontrovertible proof of this fact: I’m currently in Canada.  In fact, I’m in Windsor, which some of you may know as the town across the border from Detroit where, according to Michael Moore, nobody locks their doors.

Since Twenty Major is incomprehensibly not on the shortlist, and Podge and Rodge aren’t yet blogging, I don’t have a candidate I can wholeheartedly throw my voting weight behind.  So I wish the very best to all the candidates and, again, am very grateful for the honour. 

And I hope that those who are still answering Ireland’s Call keep reading — I now have the new and hopefully interesting perspective of being a globetrotting Canadian, now an independent IT consultant, who had the good fortune of living and working in Ireland for 6 years. 

And, believe me, the “6 years living and working in Ireland” bit makes for some amazing story value back here in Canada.

Right.  I’m off to Guatemala for a bit.  I’ll post some pics of beautiful autumnal Canada first.