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The Centre of the Universe has a special place in our hearts, as well as on the web.  Click here to visit! 

Also, thanks to Brian Shickluna (the SciCon pictured below!!), we have a huge collection of Sci Year Crest images here!

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Canada's Other National Newspaper also has a special section of the LegendWeb dedicated to it.  Click here to visit!  You'll also find a link to the reams of Golden Words material available on the World Wide Web for your viewing pleasure.

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The main function of the Science Constable (SciCon) is the supervision of Clark Hall Pub (or more specifically the patrons of Clark Hall Pub).  Constables are there to maintain order, while trying to enhance the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the Pub. The position of the SciCon gives Engineering students a chance to get involved with the Engineering Society through his or her work at Clark.

In addition to working in Clark Hall Pub, SciCons can be found overseeing the safety of such events as Formal and Semi-Formals, Boat Cruises, EngWeek, and Frosh Week, including the Greasepole Climb. All SciCons are in at least second year, and are hired in March. They are highly trained in alcohol awareness and server intervention, first aid, fire training and general sensitivity. Look for SciCons wearing the famed gold and black striped rubgy shirts in Clark and around campus.

Thanks go out to Brian Shickluna and Marie-Claire Gagne, our good sports who posed as SciCons for The Pole Game (and are seen in the above photo).  Check out those crazy uberSciCon looks!

Campus Equipment Outfitters

Campus Equipment Outfitters (or, The Group Formerly Known as EngStuff) is a non-profit organization operated entirely by undergraduate engineering students. Campus Equipment Outfitters (CEO) offers a convenient, friendly service to the entire Queen's University community. We provide merchandise and paraphernalia of all types.

Nothing else at Queen's symbolizes the pride of the engineers in our faculty quite as visibly as the Applied Science leather jacket. Campus Equipment Outfitters provides a link between the manufacturer and consumer that is unlike other distributors. CEO does not have to cover the cost of salaries or expensive overhead to provide the product to the student. 

The Campus Bookstore (QUESSI)Bookstore Logo

The Campus Bookstore celebrated its 85th anniversary in 1994.  In 1909, two engineering students began what is today a 7 million dollar a year operation. Owned by all engineers at Queens and operated by Queen's University Engineering Society Services Incorporated (QUESSI), the bookstore has guaranteed the best value in school supplies in the country through a discount on textbooks and operates as a non-profit organization.

The Bookstore has grown in the past 85 years, not only in sales, but in variety as well. The Campus Bookstore is a leading retailer for Queen's student clothing, sportswear, computer supplies, and stationary. QUESSI has operated the bookstore since 1963 and has representatives from all years. Every April QUESSI holds its Annual General Meeting, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Campus Bookstore has an award-winning website, which you can visit if you have an active internet connection by clicking here.


Intercom is responsible for informing the engineering society with regards to internal events and activities. Our primary goal is to link the faculty and students with the people who represent them. Intercom is a committee that meets once a week to assemble the information that needs to be distributed and brainstorm about upcoming events and how to present them. We are comprised of a director who reports directly to the executive and a small committee. The group is assembled towards the end of the year and is responsible for relaying information to the society throughout the term.  It is a great way to meet new people and generate new ideas!

Industrial Relations

Within the Queen's Engineering Society, industry is relied on in two major ways. First of all, many activies -- such as conferences, competitions as well as other groups and services within the Engineering Society -- have become too large to be run on sole support of the Engineering Society. It is often necessary to look to industry for support and assistance to make these projects work.  Secondly, during the summer and after graduation, we look to industry for employment and skill-development opportunities.

Through a variety of projects, Industrial Relations Committee ensures that members of industry stay informed and interested in the activities of Queen's University engineers.  

For the students of Queen's University: If you want to make yourself visible to industry, we're the people you want to talk to. Look for more availability of information on jobs, scholarships, info sessions, and more -- made available through EngSoc. Don't get left behind.

For the members of our industrial community: The committee is in the process of implementing a new pilot project to improve the placement of our engineering students into technical, field-related summer work terms.

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program pairs up the current engineering classes with the classes from forty years ago, giving undergraduate engineers a great opportunity to learn about the personal experiences and career paths of Applied Science alumni. This allows students to gain insight into the field of engineering, in addition to motivation and self-confidence in their own abilities.

This program was set up by the enthusiastic class of Science '54, who wished to give something back to Queen's Engineering in a non-financial manner. The result of their planning is an informal Saturday afternoon gathering with round table sessions followed by an even more informal congregation at Clark Hall Pub. The program currently runs twice a year. This event is free to all engineering students and you can participate by simply watching for the details in November and February.

The Mentorship committee consists of an appointed chair and elected representatives. Become a part of a program that draws on a major strength of Queen's University -- its alumni -- by contacting the Engineering Society.

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