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Kamikaze Fix 'n' Klean Team

The Kamikaze Fix 'n' Klean Team has been a tremendous success in years past. It's spearheaded by a team of third- and fourth-year engineers who spend a couple of hours each day during Frosh week assisting people in the Kingston Community. Kamikazee Directors (Bushidos) are selected early in the second term to prepare for the next year's activities.

Jobs have included lawn mowing, painting, and yard work. The Kingston community has been incredibly supportive of the Kamikaze program, and sponsors have provided free pizza, T-shirts, and the patented Kamikaze Kab.  In recent years, the program has expanded to include projects throughout the school year. For one recent project, Kamikaze joined forces with the City of Kingston to build a playground for young children.

The Buddy Program

We all know what it's like to be "the New Kid."  The Buddy Program is here to provide the 450+ "New Kids" of first year Engineering with upper year contacts. The Buddy is a resource for the new student -- someone who's been through the ups and downs of first year already, and can provide first-hand advice about university and engineering life.

Buddy lists are posted in early September and upper-year students are encouraged to get in touch with their buddies right away. Usually, the Buddy Program Coordinators concoct several social events to spice things up.  The legendary Buddy Boat Cruise, Buddy Bar-B-Q, Buddy Smoker, and Buddy Bowling Night are recurring favourites! Throughout the year, information about upcoming Buddy events is posted in the "This is for Real" section of Golden Words. Most events occur early in the term, but Buddies are encouraged to stay in touch throughout the year.

Intramural Athlethics

Intramurals are sports activities played by almost all full-time students within the university. At Queen's, they are divided into three categories: BEWS, WIC and BEWIC.

BEWS is the men's intramural sports organization. The upper year men compete according to their course of study. For example, those in Electrical Engineering compete as a single team called Electrical. Frosh, who aren't yet associated with any discipline, compete in a Science Year team.

WIC is the women's sport organization.  WIC games usually pit faculty against faculty.

BEWIC refers to the co-ed events which are a combination of the men's and women's intramural programs.

The program's success centres around student involvement not only in terms of participation, but also organization. There are many different ways to get invovled with intramural athletics: refereeing, convening, or becaming a athletic representative for your team.  The intramural reps are known as Athletic Sticks.  They're responsible for disseminating information to all members of their team. The Athletic Sticks are also responsible for keeping a record of their members' participation in each sport. At the end of the year, everyone with more than 15 points (earned as a function of participation by a system more complex than this Math and Engineering student can relate) receive a Science "S" to put on their jacket.

Equality Issues Committee (EIC)

The Equality Issues Committee (EIC) is composed of students from all engineering years. It addresses racism, gender issues and homophobia both within both the Engineering Society and within the university at large.

This committee organizes the December 6th Memorial Ceremony that recognizes the women killed in the Montreal Massacre.  It also raises awareness of issues concerning race, gender and homophobia; and sponsors guest speakers on a number of topics.  The committee is also responsible for the weekly 'Voices' column in Golden Words raises awareness of these issues within in the Queen's Community.

Blood Donor Clinics

In conjunction with the Red Cross, the Engineering Society annually hosts two Blood Donor Clinics each academic year.  One takes place in March, and the other for two days in September.

Blood Donor Clinics on Queen's campus started during the Second World War. From 1941 to 1945, the Kingston Red Cross collected over 60,000 units of blood -- a significant portion of which came from the Queen's student body. Ever since then, the Red Cross has depended on Queen's for a steady supply of blood. Additional clinics are often scheduled to coincide with times when the blood bank is expected to be low.

Donating a pint of blood is fairly painless, completely safe, and leaves you knowing that you could have saved someone's life. Keep your eyes open for banners and posters concerning the Engineering Society Blood Donor Clinics and lend your support. The life you save may be your own.

Queen's Engineering High School Contact

Why did you decide to study engineering? And what made you decide to attend Queen's? The High School Contacts have a special role in the Engineering Society, as they reach out to high schools to promote engineering at Queen's.

Recently, the High School Contact Commitee completed a short introductory movie about Queen's Engineering. This movie discusses what engineering is, why Queen's Engineering is different and what to expect from our program. Copies of the movie are available from the Engineering Society.  High School Contact also hosts various events at Queen's: a guidance counsellor conference, departmental tours for grade 9's, and tours for high school seniors during Ontario's March break.

Annual Carol Service

Every year, just before the Winter holiday, students are faced with a major event.


And to boost Holiday cheer before exams smack us upside the head, Reverend Brian Yealland and the Engineering Society host another major event -- the Annual Carol Service!  We all take a break from our studies and experience a little Holiday spirit.  The Carol Service features a variety of traditional Christmas songs and Biblical readings. As well, it features the talents of the Queen's Choral Singers, the Queen's Brass Ensemble and you -- the audience.   A food drive is included as part of the celebration to help those less fortunate.

The Carol Service is a large success every year, so give up some of that time you waste procastinating and get involved in the Annual Carol Service!  Get in touch with the coordinators through the Engineering Society.

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