Making videos is a different kettle of …

…fish!  (And eagle rays!  And giant moray eels!)

For the second half of my diving in Dahab and Ras Mohammed, I shot video footage instead of photos.  Here’s a 2-minute highlight reel, in YouTube format:

The shots were taken on dives in Egypt, at Dahab and Ras Mohammed (between Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef).  They feature Siofra, Gregory, and a cast of thousands (of fish).

The background music is called In Space by the Norwegian (Tromsøværing) group Røyksopp, whose mellow tracks were played endlessly at the Penguin Restaurantin Dahab.

To create this, I used:

  • SeaLife DC500 underwater camera to film it
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 to cut the video together
  • Expression Media Encoder to preview and export a web-ready format

Adobe’s Premiere Pro was the real hero in this operation; it offers a very intuitive interface for cutting video together.  Expression Media Encoder does one job and it does it well.

I hope you enjoy!

(note: Silverlight Streaming version will be up when I can figure out how to get the video sent to the Silverlight streaming service. grr.)

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