Mazinaw Lake by Night

I was up at Mazinaw Lake over the weekend, where my sister’s fiancé and his family have a cottage.  This is proper Ontario, where you head out to the lake and scurry across by boat to your getaway. 

Go on hikes, watch the meteor shower, swim, chill with the other lads in the wedding party, have a few polites, and gawk at what your future brother-in-law’s D80 can do shooting long-exposure shots of the night sky.

Mazinaw Lake by night


  1. can I ask where that cottage is exactly. I use to go to mazinaw inn and am looking for any information I can find on it. I was wondering if this cottage is close to it. I do know ( I think ) that it is not a vacation lodge anymore. I was wondering what happen to it or if anyone knows what happened to the owners Janet and Stan Whithell . I know there was alot of cottges around it. my e-mail is if you could give me any information Thank you roberta phillips

  2. I’m curious as well, as my family used to vacation at the Mazinaw Inn about 40 years ago or more. I’d appreciate any information you might find out.

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