Frosh Soup
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Spicy Recipe for Frosh Soup


  • Water, cooled overnight
  • Multiple gallon drums Lanolin grease, industrial grade
  • 1 Commerce Tam, borrowed
  • Several dozen nails, 2" or longer
  • Several hundred Frosh, pre-heated for at least an hour
  • 10 Busloads of screaming Upper Year Students, baked overnight
  • Gentian Violet, conc. solution


In a suitably large bowl, fill halfway with water, and let sit. Add one super-intimidating, extra-long Pole. This ingredient is key to acquiring the right mixture of frenzied frosh. To ensure smooth mixing ability lather Pole liberally with sticky, gooey Lanolin grease. Using all of the provided nails, permanently bond the Commerce Tam (Note: any non-engineering tam may be used as substitute) to the airless tip of the Pole so that no Froshie will ever be able to remove it. Add baked upper years, liberally spread with Gentian Violet and let simmer until Frosh are suitably heated. For such a recipe, there is no amount of purple that can be considered too much. Once Frosh are hot and suitably agitated, it is important to add them quickly to the bowl, as they tend to wear down before long. If the mixing is done correctly and in the right order, the Frosh should begin to rise around the centre Pole. It is important for proper results that the Frosh do not rise too quickly; they may need to be kept down on occasion. After a time, the rising up the centre Pole will slow. Upper Years can be added as desired to improve the texture and overall quality of the mixture. Let the soup boil until the Frosh and/or Upper Years have risen sufficiently to rip or tear the tam off the tip of the Pole. Remove contents from Pit and enjoy.

Note: like wine, the crop of Frosh has wide variation from year to year and deviation from this recipe may be necessary. Therefore specific cooking time for Frosh soup cannot be estimated – correct rising has taken as little as 17 minutes, or over several hours, with the latter more common. The soup may have to be left simmering overnight if you have particularly unripe Frosh.

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