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The Gallery: Frosh Week Memories

Pitside Fun with a Digital Camera

Crowd 1.jpg (222671 bytes) Here's what the pit looked like a few minutes before the Upper Year students were allowed in...

...And here's what it looked like a few minutes after.

Crowd 2.jpg (240272 bytes)

Through Speakers 1.jpg (89135 bytes)

We took pictures of this podium; it's used in the game.

Man, that was a fabulous place to watch the action.

Upperyear Jumps In.jpg (209331 bytes) An eager upper-year student jumps the gun.  I think that might be Derek Crawford, Sci '99... he's the guy diving into the pit in the credits sequence in The Pole Game.

The pyramid builds up again.  It took the Frosh 28 attempts at building a pyramid to reach the tam that year.  I took notes to help improve the AI.

Pyramid Forming.jpg (231466 bytes)
Bank Mud 1.jpg (191310 bytes) We needed shots of mud and water for the game.

The pit you see in the doesn't exist.  It's a composite of dozens of shots like this.  The splashing came from actual pit splashing...

Bank Mud 2.jpg (190020 bytes)
Splashing Water.jpg (241743 bytes) ...and the ripples came from shots like this.

Al "Pop Boy" Burchell and friends savor their part in the Frosh victory.

Alan Burchell and Gang in Pit.jpg (271875 bytes)
Mayhem 1.jpg (242816 bytes) The pit calms down.

Deconstructing the site.  We decided to leave the orange fence out of the game, 'cuz in videogames, nobody gets hurt.

Mayhem 2.jpg (233672 bytes)
Mayhem 3.jpg (239803 bytes) The cleanup (and the mayhem) continues.

Recognize that ambulance?

Vehicles - Ambulance.jpg (118745 bytes)
Vehicles - Cops 1.jpg (114289 bytes) I thought I might include these guys in the background of the Game, but I didn't want to end up in jail.

P.S. Did you see what these guys had to say? Looks like the Pole Chase is no more.

Vehicles - Cops 2.jpg (113742 bytes)
Vehicles - Schoolbus.jpg (120436 bytes) Another familiar sight from The Game.

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