Greasepole 2007 is today…

… in fact it’s probably happening as I type, but I’m three-and-a-half hours down the 401 in Toronto. Sigh.

PCorey's great Greasepole shot

A huge thanks to the folks who have beta tested the re-release of the game.  I had hoped to have it ready for today, but I’ve received some great feedback about a few things to tweak, and particularly in light of the new XBox control mechanism, I need to hold off a few days to find time to finish it up.  Also, my partner-in-crime Craig Calvert, who was Legend’s Artistic Director, still hasn’t weighed in… I hope he’ll have a chance to look at the game soon.

A particularly huge thanks to McKay Savage, principal author of the LegendWeb, whose history of the Greasepole (and even poetry about the Greasepole!) was an integral part of the original CD release, and now can be found online.  He’s really been enjoying the beta testing and wrote about it in his blog, which has the great name The Wind on My Face.  I remember receiving the most amazingly thoughtful and detailed e-mails from McKay back in the day — and now he’s living in India.  I think the blogging medium was made for folks like him.

Odd Greasepole shot