Five-Digit Number

Here was my XBox Live Gamertag this morning:

10,000 XBox Live Achievement Points

According to Dave, that makes me a sad git, and he’s probably right, but according to Guitar Hero, it also makes me:

Life of the Party

Rock on.


  1. Rob

    Congrats on the 10K mark…I was briefly online on Friday night (well it was well into Saturday morning to be truthful) when I saw you still Guitar Hero’ing it up…

    Rock on!!!

  2. Nice one!! I have 3 friends in town from Norway, and we introduced them to Guitar Hero last night after the BBQ. It was mad mad craic. And it turns out Clare is on her way to being an guitar hero as well. We gotta get the guitars together and jam!

    That seriously has to be one of the best pick-up games I’ve ever played. 10 minutes of that after work puts me in a good mood and doesn’t kill my evening. Well, usually :)

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