Fan Expo Canada 2007

I’d better take a moment to explain the most recent photos on my Flickr photostream, which feature folks dressed as Star Wars characters, playing Guitar Hero behind their backs, and getting autographs from sci-fi celebs, sometimes all at once.

I’ve just returned from Fan Expo Canada 2007, which was undoubtedly the geekiest event I’ve ever attended. Which is saying a lot. And I have to say, I had a great time! 

Jean-Luc David from Microsoft Canada’s Developer and Platform Group (pictured above with his buddy Batman) had a spare ticket which he very kindly offered to me earlier in the week. There was only one thing to do: charge the battery, set the camera on stun, and spend the weekend in fan land!

You know those conventions you hear about: Sci Fi conventions, Anime conventions, Gaming conventions, Horror conventions, Comic book conventions? The common thread among all of them being the obsessive fans rallying around their common passion? Well, take them all, put them under one roof, and you’ve got Fan Expo Canada.

I’m not one for getting autographs, but if I were, there were celebs like Jonathan Frakes (above) and Malcolm McDowell around greeting and chatting with fans.

My favorite memories would have to be:

  • Greg Pak (from Marvel Comics)’s presentation on the writing for comics and how that creative process differs from writing a screenplay.

  • The staggering displays of Guitar Hero skill exhibited during the World Series of Video Games, like this girl who played a solo behind her head.  The song I can’t beat on Expert mode is Psychobilly Freakout.  I watched a guy perfectly play the passage I can’t complete, with the guitar behind his back.  Whoa.

(Guitar Hero, by the way, was the clear game of choice, and the XBox360 was the clear system of choice.  I would have broken out the game systems being used around the convention centre at 70% XBox360 and XBox, 25% Nintendo Wii and DS, 5% other.)

  • The incredible amount of work fans put into their costumes, and the number of characters I recognized.

The photo I most wish I’d taken?  A girl dressed impeccably as Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess.  She would have looked great beside my sister’s husky dog standing in for Link in his wolf form.

For the record, if I had gone in costume, I would have tried to pull off Phoenix Wright.  Shame I cut my hair last week.

And although I didn’t buy any t-shirts to complement my zillion Microsoft-branded ones, I would have picked up this one:

Anyway, it was by far and away the geekiest event I’ve ever been at, and I had an awesome time. 

I suppose Triumph would have a field day, and inform me that I’m an omnigeek, made out of parts of lesser geeks.  I’m down with that.