Silverlight Samurai Skills at Microsoft’s TechDays Canada 2008

Tech Days CanadaI’m looking forward to taking part in the Toronto stop of Microsoft Canada’s upcoming TechDays Canada tour.

On the morning of October 30th, I’ll be delivering a two-part presentation in Toronto called Mastering your Silverlight Samurai Skills, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun session.

About the Content

The two sessions will see us spending the vast majority of our time in Visual Studio (with a bit of Expression Blend as well), building parts of an end-to-end app to highlight the capabilities and features of Silverlight 2, while showing as many tips and tricks as I can.

Who is these presentations For?

If you’re new to Silverlight 2 development, these sessions will offer you a real lap-around, and by the time they’re finished, you’ll know where to go to learn more about whatever facets of Silverlight are relevant to your development interests.

If you’ve been working with the Silverlight 2 betas, let me say that I hope everyone in the audience will pick up and share some tips and tricks.

As always, I want the sessions to be useful, so please comment on this post or send me mail if there’s something in particular you think I should cover.

For More About The Event

Check out the TechDays Canada site, and if you’re interested, register as soon as possible, as there is an early-bird deal if you register before the 29th.  It looks like a well-planned conference with a good variety of in-depth sessions for both Developers and IT Professionals.

If you’re in the Toronto area, I hope to see you at the Toronto Congress Centre on the 30th!

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